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For a few long years I have been at the forefront as  director and later sharing the position with Dr. López Valverde  of this, your magazine. Later, for reasons of dedication and because it was  of justice, we exchanged positions with Javier Montero, until then deputy director.

And it will be now in my new responsibility as deputy director, when I will have the satisfaction of seeing fulfilled a desire for which we have worked hard,  which is to see this magazine, your magazine,_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ that you have in your hands… in your hands?,  perhaps not anymore, because our hope was that Labor Dental Clínica would also be available ONLINE. And we have already achieved it. Therefore, it is very possible that you are reading this editorial comfortably seated on your favorite sofa, with your laptop, tablet or mobile phone and savoring your favorite and relaxing drink.


It's also been a few years (why put dates, when time passes so quickly) that I had the honor of being named executive national president of the International Academy of Integral Dentistry, the AIOI. And I bring this detail up because in the effort to position the AIOI in Spain, the first thing we did was designate Labor Dental Clínica as the official dissemination body of the academy in Spain. And although it was tried,  it was impossible due to costs to “export” the magazine to the world. And now our magazine is finally in an online format, our magazine can finally be enjoyed throughout the world, or at least, in order not to seem so pretentious, in the Latin American sister continent. We can now exchange scientific works,  with the certainty that they will reach many readers and that they will be highly valued.


I deeply thank the administrators and the coordinator of the magazine, Mr. Joan Estapé, for having thought of me to write this editorial. They know the effort and the great enthusiasm with which I write it. It is the publisher of the first issue of LABOR DENTAL ONLINE!


We can now ask all our friends from other continents to share their statistical, clinical or research work with us. To all of you, my brothers from the AIOI, I ask you to collaborate. The AIOI has its magazine in Ecuador, but now we can exchange articles in the certainty that with this we will reach a broader base of readers.

An added value is for companies that trust us for their advertising. Readers have tripled, quadrupled and there are no longer borders to highlight and disseminate your new products.


Dear colleagues, enjoy online the always excellent contributions that magazine after magazine we have had in the paper magazine, and now in digital.


Thank you all for that effort to achieve it


Professor Dr. José Mª Arano Sesma

Co-director Labor Dental Online

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