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- Professionals and dental students registered for the VI International Congress of the International Academy of Integral Dentistry (AIOI) may participate.

- Papers related to all specialties may be submitted. The topic covered in the poster must be correlated with the academic year of the presenters.

- The theme of the paper must be unpublished.

The registration of works will begin on June 1, 2017  through the e-mail the abstracts must be sent without delay until September 5, 2017. Papers will not be accepted sent via fax, mail or any other means that is not the on-line registration through the e-mail of the congress.

The registration of each work will imply the payment of a cup of U$ 20.00 (twenty American dollars).

- The works will be previously selected by the Scientific Commission at its discretion and according to the capacity of the available space (the registration fee will not be returned if the work is not accepted).

- La Comisión evaluadora (jurado) estará integrado por profesores designados por la Comisión Organizadora_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the event.

- The abstracts of the free posters must follow the following guidelines:

-Title: Maximum of 120 characters, in uppercase and bold

- Authors: separated by commas; do not give space between initials. Maximum of 5 authors. Example: Silva MS*, Ferreira MAC, Nakamura YA. (Attention surname and initials of the presenting author of the work identified with an asterisk (*).

- Abstract: it must contain the Importance of the subject in the area, Objectives or Proposition, Methods, Results, Conclusions. The Objectives, Methods and Results items should not be explained in the abstract in the form of topics as they are important items for the understanding of the scientific text. Research Projects should not contain the Conclusions item. The Summary must have a maximum of 1,350 characters (not counting spaces). Correctly place the financial support field if any.

- Select up to 3 descriptors (DECs Bireme). Descriptors: correspond to words or expressions that identify the content of the article.

For the choice of descriptors, one must consult the list of “Descriptors in Health Sciences - DeCS”, prepared by BIREME, (available at or the list of “MeSh – Medical Subject Headings” (available at

- Each Poster will have a space of 0.90m wide x 1.60m high and must follow the following guidelines:.

- TITLE: A maximum of 120 characters.

It must be exactly the same used in the abstract and be written in capital letters. Below the title and with smaller letters, the names of the authors, the laboratory, the department, the institution, the city, the province and the country must appear.

- PRESENTER'S NAME: It must be underlined and accompanied by a photo placed in the upper right part. On the left side, place the Logo of the University or supporting institution.

- BODY OF THE POSTER: It should be self-explanatory, preferably with as little text as possible and as many illustrations (figures, diagrams and tables). It is suggested that the conclusions be placed in the form of items. It is not mandatory to insert abstract and neither is it mandatory to insert references.

- In the case of having carried out experiments on humans or laboratory animals, CITE at the end the Research Ethics Committee, and the number of the opinion.

- The presenters of the Poster must meet at the time established by the Organizing Commission for the official presentation in public and a_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad7-5cf58d_Evaluating Commission_5cclac05cf58d 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_of the same.

- Teachers will not be admitted, such as non-sponsor advisors during the presentation.

- The assembly and disassembly, although it will have the support of assistants, will be the exclusive responsibility of the author or authors of the work, and must be carried out on a date and time determined by the Organizing Commission_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_of the Conference.

- For each work presented, only 1 (one) certificate will be issued with the name of all the participants. The data will be those informed by the author on the date of registration of the work. Modifications and/or additions will not be accepted.

- After the presentation of the posters, the members of the jury will cast their votes and the results of the contest. The awards ceremony will take place at the closing ceremony.

- The prizes for the works that obtain the best qualifications will be delivered for each category (First place, second place and third place).

Research Ethics Committee.

Experiments performed on humans and/or on laboratory animals must be accompanied by the approval of the competent Research Ethics Committee. Once the work has been approved by the judging commission, the author must submit, when requested, a copy of the document to the Evaluation Commission, on the day of the presentation in Congress. Failure to present the document will imply the cancellation of the work and loss of the right to the certificate.

- Any other point not stipulated in these Regulations will be resolved by the Organizing Commission of the AIOI Congress.

- "The first places of this congress will be registered to compete in the Grand Prix of the AIOI World Congress in 2017 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil."


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