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Undergraduate and postgraduate, do not miss the opportunity to present your work in
our electronic posters.

The presentations will take place on September 23, 24 and 25in
São Paulo and will be evaluated by a board of professors from the Faculty of
Dentistry from the University of São Paulo.

The best works will be awarded, the first placed in Post-Graduate
may have their work published in the Clinical and Laboratory journal
Research in Dentistry, under the condition of undergoing some changes with
in order to adapt them to the model required by the magazine; in addition to winning a
FUNDECTO refresher course (Foundation for the Development
Scientific and Technological of Dentistry)  and free registration for
exhibit at the AIOI Congress (International Academy of Dentistry
Comprehensive) 2017 in São Paulo.

The first placed in the undergraduate category will receive an award for a
amount of R$ 1,000 and free registration to participate in the Congress of
the AIOI (International Academy of Integral Dentistry) in 2017 at the
city of São Paulo - Brazil.


Registration will be until June 28, 2015.

***And they can present the same work of the electronic panels, in the
International Congress.***


The International Academy of Integral Dentistry (AIOI) and the Brazilian University Congress of Dentistry (CUBO)sign a historic agreement that will facilitate and promote the international participation of all students around the world in this congress and in all AIOI congresses.

The Brazilian University Congress of Dentistry is considered the largest currently existing Brazilian university congress. It had its first edition in the year 1975, This year it celebrates its 39th editionfrom September 23 to 25, being held at the School of Dentistry at the Armando Salles de Oliveira Campus, São Paulo - Brazil.

The CUBO is today the main opportunity that students from all countries have to complete their academic training and show their work developed in scientific initiation activities.

For more information write topresident@aioi.orgor see the site

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