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• They are oral and demonstrative presentations of matters  pertinent to dentistry and health, being able to present photos, models, instruments, manipulation or testing of materials, computer graphics, software, demonstration of techniques and diagnostic methods. .

• The change of presenters will not be allowed in any hypothesis.

• The schedule established in the official program must be strictly followed. Time lost due to delays of any nature will not be made up.

• SELECTION: - The works will be previously selected by the Scientific Committee at its discretion and according to the capacity of the available space (the registration fee will not be returned if the work is not accepted).

• LIMIT OF AUTHORS: 1 presenter, 4 Co-authors.

• The works must be exhibited and presented during the period from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the day defined by the Scientific Commission.

• The presenters must be available to the Congressmen and/or the Judging Committee on days and times pre-determined by the Scientific Committee.

• Academics may be presenters, as long as they are guided by a responsible professor, in the preparation of the work, which must be part of the quota of the 4 Co-authors.

• The Organizing Commission and the Scientific Commission are not responsible for the assembly and disassembly of the Demonstration Tables nor for their guard and security.

• A bench 1 meter long by 50 centimeters wide will be provided with an electrical power supply (110 volts).

- Any other point not stipulated in these Regulations will be resolved by the Organizing Commission of the AIOI Congress.

- "The first places of this congress will be registered to compete in the Grand Prix of the AIOI World Congress in 2017 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil."


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