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AIOI Member Books

Orthodontia Fixes Deciduous Teeth - A new concept.

Authors: Vania D'Angelo Rodrigues Antunes dos Santos

Paulo Cesar Antunes dos Santos

with the title Esthetic KAS, composite resins in anterior teeth Drs. Eugenio Kegler, Jorge Arce and Miguel Samaniego launch a new book on dental aesthetics. Congratulations to the new authors wishing them much success.

Dr. Eugenio is the son of our Past President Dr. Emilio Kegler and Dra.Nilse Pangrazio de Kegler congratulations also to the parents.


Author: Leandro Chambrone, Co-author Luis Bueno


Evidence Based Periodontal and Periimplant Plastic Surgery


This atlas, with numerous superb illustrations and live photographs, aims to create a bridge between research and practice in the field of periodontal plastic surgery and aesthetic dentistry with a view to allowing optimal decision-making in daily practice. After A general view of evidence-based decision making and discussion of opening treatment planning, the following chapters address surgical treatment of recession-type defects, use of substitutes for known moles, aesthetic clinical crown augmentation, and peri-implant plastic surgery.  Illustrated case studies portray the application of two surgical procedures described in daily practice and are provided with advice on clinical indications and contraindications and basic concepts of the surgical sequence. , critical abstracts two results of systematic reviews are provided._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136b ad5cf58d_Other chapters consider aspects of multidisciplinary decision-making and present decision trees for tissue augmentation procedures proposed by the American Academy of Periodontology.



* Dr. David Enrique Junca
* Dr. Nidia Carolina González 
* Dr. Byron Roberto Benalcazar Larrea

Updated Comprehensive Dentistry

Within the 24th International Congress of Dentistry of Sâo, held from January 28 to 1 de February 2006 in Brazil, the official launch of the 1st Book of the International Academy of Comprehensive Dentistry entitled "Updated Comprehensive Dentistry" whose edition was in charge of Dr. Moacyr Menéndez (Brazil) and Dr. Esther Flores Mubarak (Peru) ..



- Integral Dentistry: A philosophy for practice

Emilio Kegler Schukovsky


- Personal improvement, leadership and success dynamics ! You will never be the same again!

Mariano Flores (in memory)

Esther Flores Mubarak


- Prevention in comprehensive dentistry

Nilse Pangrazio de Kegler


- Modern imaging resources

Mario Saddy, Israel Chivalquer and Jorge Elie Hayek


- Epidemiology, diagnosis, pathology and staging of malignant tumors of the oral cavity.

Luciano Lauria Dib


- Diagnosis and treatment of occlusion

Juan Berastaín G, Ernesto Domínguez R., and Luis A. Pegan Y.


- Direct restorations with composite resin in anterior and posterior teeth.

Andrés Gaete N., Milko Villaroel C., Claudio Jorquera P.


- Periodontal disease - control and treatment

Hugo Romanelli, Evelyn, Adams P., and Mariel Gomez


- Orientation surgical clinical procedures for the general practice dentist.

Georgina Garmendia, Angel Mario F. Garmendia and Angel F. Alfonso


- Pre-prosthetic orthodontic movements

Gladys C. Dominguez and Camilo Morea


- Contemporary dental implants

Ernesto Muller and Otto Mendoza


- Implant prosthodontics - choice and indication of prosthetic abutments in implantology

José María Arano and Pablo Fernández


- Geriatric dentistry and its role in healthy aging

Fernando L. Brunetti M. and Ruy Fonseca B.


- Techniques to transform your clinic into a successful business

Jaime Otero M. and Jaime Otero T.

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