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The Advisory Council should guide the entrepreneur regarding the best management practices, offering expertise on issues such as strategy and sales, and closely accompanying the implementation of two action plans. The Consultative Council provides the entrepreneur with a broader vision of the company. Every entrepreneur should have counselors capable of offering a different perspective of the business - people with talent and experience, who are never willing to share their entrepreneurial challenges. Even entrepreneurs who lead fast-growing businesses are often doubtful about partners, decision-making, pace of expansion, etc. The counseling practice is more recommended for entrepreneurs who have clear objectives, with specific indicators and goals. The entrepreneur needs to stop his behavior of "dono" (omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient) of the company to assume the role of executive of the business (with goals to meet/collect, decisions to delegate/monitor). Many businessmen only seek advice at times when the company is going through difficulties, but all of them tend to win, they will adopt the discipline of meeting periodically with their advisors (even if you inform them). Article 1. Attributions of the advisory council The Consultative Council has as attribution or advice of the association and the issuance of opinion on all the questions that they have placed. 1. The Consultative Council considers as attribution or advice of the rest of the executive the issuance of opinion on all the questions that it has been placed by the board of directors and on any others that its members understand to discuss and pronounce. 2. The decisions of the Advisory Council are taken by majority simple and have the nature of mere recommendation to the Executive. Article 2. Constitution and meetings of the advisory council 1. The Advisory Council is made up of a president and the number of councilors deemed necessary. 2. The members of the Consultative Council must be individuals of recognized merit and competence who can contribute to the development of the Association. 3. Candidates for members of the Consultative Council are proposed by any member of the World Board of Directors to the President of the Consultative Council, who may be accepted or rejected from candidacy, since the former presidents of AIOI will always be integrated, no council assents or desires. 4. Candidates for members of the Consultative Council who hold office for the President of the Consultative Council, take office by simple office of the President of AIOI and permanently. 5. The dismissal of the Advisory Council is solely and exclusively the responsibility of the General Assembly, by proposal of the President of the Advisory Council or the World President of AIOI. 6. In case of vacancy of the position, this will also be prefilled by invitation of the management, according to the same criteria of constitution. Article 3. Meetings of the Consultative Council 1. The convening of the meetings is held 8 days in advance and is the responsibility of the President of the Consultative Council, who will mark the agenda of the same and preside over the work. The meetings will preferably be virtual. 2. The members of the Board of Directors of the Association, may participate in the meetings without direct vote.

Members of the Advisory Council:

Jesús Ochoa – Multident – Peru -

Claudia Esparza – Sparza Foundation – Colombia -

José Corro – CEUNI University – Mexico -

Roberto Caproni – Caproni Group (Marketing and Management) – Brazil -

Walter Marinho – China Observatory – Brazil -

Antonio Romano – Antos – Italy -

Lina Echeveri – Integration and economic and territorial development – Colombia -

Moacyr Menéndez – AIOI – Brazil -

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