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Innovation and Sustainability


One of the novelties of the AIOI Congresses are the  presentation of posters in electronic file. This innovation prevents the waste of natural resources used in printing and eliminates the need to transport the poster.

This session is designed for the presentation of digital works in the form of electronic posters using photographs, radiographs, graphs, diagrams, tables, with the purpose of disseminating scientific information and exchange of experiences among professionals.

The selected posters will be presented in JPEG or PowerPoint format (any ppt or pptx version). The posters will be presented at the times determined by the Organizing Committee and the author must remain with his electronic Panel during the entire period of the presentation.


The file corresponding to the electronic poster must be delivered in JPEG format with a maximum size of 5 MB. The Power Point (PPT) must be set to the size of 90 x 160 cm (vertical), so when you save and choose the JPEG format, the result will be in correct proportion.

- Each Poster must follow the following guidelines:.

- TITLE: A maximum of 120 characters.

It must be exactly the same used in the abstract and be written in capital letters. Below the title and with smaller letters, the names of the authors, the laboratory, the department, the institution, the city, the province and the country must appear.

- PRESENTER'S NAME: It must be underlined and accompanied by a photo placed in the upper right part. On the left side, place the Logo of the University or supporting institution.

- BODY OF THE POSTER: It should be self-explanatory, preferably with as little text as possible and as many illustrations (figures, diagrams and tables). It is suggested that the conclusions be placed in the form of items. It is not mandatory to insert abstract and neither is it mandatory to insert references.

- In the case of having carried out experiments on humans or laboratory animals, CITE at the end the Research Ethics Committee, and the number of the opinion.

- The presenters of the Poster must meet at the time established by the Organizing Commission for the official presentation in public and the Evaluation Commission of the same.

- Teachers will not be admitted, such as non-sponsor advisors during the presentation.

The works will be presented in the form of a SINGLE slide, using an LCD-LED television.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change the form of the posters sent so that they adapt to the configuration needs.

"The first places in this category will be registered to compete in the Grand Prix of the AIOI World Congress in 2017 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil."

All authors, when registering their work for the presentation of electronic posters and free themes of the AIOI congresses, authorize the Organizing Committee to publish the Abstract or work indefinitely in various media (print, digital and web), provided that in character educational and scientific and with the purpose of disseminating the event at the regional, national or international level, not receiving any payment for copyright.

Any other point not stipulated in these Regulations will be resolved by the Organizing Commission of the AIOI Congress.

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