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Background: Having seen the need to formalize one of the objectives of the International Academy of Comprehensive Dentistry to create general practice dentists capable of comprehensive dental care, the creation of the Diploma in Comprehensive Dentistry is considered opportune.

The AIOI considers that professional experience, research, teaching, etc. should be taken into account.

- The main specialties to be taken into account are grouped into modules, the following being suggested:

I. Implantology, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, Stomatology
II. Rehabilitation, Occlusion, Restorative, Endodontics.
III. Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Preventive, Sports Dentistry
IV. SCIENCES APPLIED TO DENTISTRY. - Management, Administration. Computer Science, Investigation, Marketing, Photography, Ethics, Public Speaking, etc.

The Diploma Commission will be named by the National Board of each country and will be in charge of:

-  Apply the regulations for the diploma,

-  It will be the qualifying commission for the resumes of the applicants.

- Will coordinate with the national managers the programming of the courses and internships that the applicants need to achieve their diploma.


General tips.

-  The AIOI must organize these courses for its members and coordinate the agreements so that they can carry out the internships that are needed in other National and International Institutions.

- Each national Affiliate must, at its discretion, obtain the Endorsement that is needed in its country for the Diploma to be recognized by a University, Dental College or other local institution.

- The Graduate certifies that the dentist is apt to become a speaker of the AIOI.

-  The AIOI will maintain through its website the necessary communication to facilitate applicants to attend courses to be held in different countries.

-  The language in which the certificates will be issued will be Spanish.


Of the cost: The cost of the Diploma will be two hundred (U$ 200.00) American dollars. With validity of 03 years.

Revalidation: The Graduates will be revalidated by the Qualifying Commission every three years, based on the participation of the graduate in at least 50% of the national and international academic activities organized by the Academy. The certificate's expiration date will be visibly recorded on the Diploma.


It is important to highlight to dentists the importance of academic preparation to become comprehensive dentists and to specialists the integration with other specialties to achieve the goal of "better oral health in the world"




1. Be an active member of AIOI
2. Make the request as a candidate for the Diploma addressed to the National President

3. Be invited by the Board of Directors to opt for obtaining the Diploma.
4. Comply with the number of credits established (100), in one of the four chosen modules.

5. For the diploma, only 20 credits will be recognized in each module for courses taken prior to the date of application, with the exception of specialty, master's, PhD degrees that will grant 40 credits. The other credits will be obtained from the date of application.

6. Every five years (5 years) of professional practice grants the interested party 3 credits in any module required.
7. The applicant may obtain a maximum of 30 credits for the merits indicated in

numerals 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of this regulation.

8. Participation as a national speaker confers 1 credit per conference up to a maximum of 8 credits. Lecturer of courses at the national level grants 2 credits for each course, up to a maximum of 8 credits. International speaker 2 credits per conference, up to a maximum of 8 credits. International course lecturer 3 credits up to a maximum of 12 credits.
9. The quality of university professor grants 10 credits to the applicant.
10. Author of scientific articles published in dental journals 2 credits up to a maximum of 8 credits.
11. Author of Dentistry book 15 credits, up to a maximum of 45 credits.
12. Author of books on other subjects (not Dentistry) 5 credits. Up to a maximum of ten (10) credits.

13- The courses and congresses carried out by the AIOI have twice the value of those organized by other institutions.

14. Make a 10-minute presentation of a clinical case at an International Congress AIOI  (at the decision of the International Board).


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